Players Tour

Players Tour Description - The goal of the Players Tour is to have the top junior players in the state compete on golf courses set up appropriately for a high level of play. Invitations will be extended to the top finishers from the 2017 Player of the Year point list. Juniors must meet a handicap requirement to play on this tour. Boys must have an index of 10.1 and under and girls must be under 18.1. Course yardage is 6,600 - 6,800 for boys and 5,700 - 5,900 for girls. This is an Invite Only tour. If you meet the above handicap requirements, contact Andy Landenberger at the Section office to verify your handicap and make you eligible to register for Players Tour events.

American Junior Golf Association
Players Tour events #1, 2, Lake Arrowhead, PGA Junior Championship have been given AJGA Status, please see below for more information.

The following AJGA Performance Based Entry status will be awarded to top finishers based on the details below.

Boys Champion: 4 Performance Stars
Girls Champion: 4 Performance Stars

Junior Golf Scoreboard
Players Tour events #1, 2, College Showcase. Sherri Steinhauer, Lake Arrowhead, PGA Junior Championship will be recognized by the Junior Golf Scoreboard.


College students ages 21 and under will now be eligible to participate in Players Tour events. All players must meet the handicap requirements to be invited to participate. Those that are invited will participate in separate college division and will be competing for gift certificates at the host facility's golf shop.