Par 3 Tour

Presented by Pepsi, Milwaukee County Parks System, and The First Tee of Milwaukee Southeast WI

The Par 3 Tour is the next step in the progression of a junior golfer interested in beginning competitive golf.  The Par 3 Tour is a great way for youth ages 7 – 18 to practice their golfing skills while making new friends in a tournament setting.  The Tour consists of 9 regular events conducted at the Milwaukee County Parks Par 3 golf courses and Missing Links GC, and an Invitational event will be played at the end of the season.

Awards will be given to the top golfers in each age division for both boys and girls.  Participants will receive an invitation into the Par 3 Invitational Tournament based on their total Player of the Year point accumulation throughout the year.  The invitational will be held at Hansen Park G.C. Individuals who are members of the WPGA Junior Tour will receive a $3.00 discount per event.  For more information and benefits for joining the WPGA Junior Tour please visit the "Membership" section of our website.

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Madison Par 3 Tour
Presented by WPGA Junior Foundation, Balance and Believe Foundation and Callaway Golf

The Madison Par 3 tour is back for the 2019 season. The Par 3 tour is a great way for youth ages 7 -12 to practice their golfing skills while making new friends along the way. These par 3 events will be played at shorter yardages at the golf courses. Yardages per hole will be shortened to no more than 90 yards per hole. This is a developmental tour for youth golfers. This tour is run in junction with the Balance & Believe Foundation in Madison.

            Click Here to view the Madison Par 3 schedule