Handicap score posting


The following information was sent to you with your membership card, but here are the steps to follow to post a score to your handicap.
1) Login to your WSGA member account at WSGA.org.
2) Click on the Member Login link on left hand side of page.
3) Enter your six-digit WSGA member number (find on back of membership card) and password. If you are logging in for the first time your password has been set to your last name.
4) Click on the Post link underneath the Handicap tab. If the Post Hole-By-Hole Score screen appears, click on the Enter ESC Score button.
5) Select the date that the round was played.
6) Enter the number of holes played, either 9 or 18.
7) Select the method of entry for the rating and slope information. To lookup a courses information by name and location, select the Lookup option. To manually enter a courses rating and slope information, select the Manual Entry option.
8) Enter the name of the course. If you selected the Lookup entry option, click on the Lookup link next to the Course name to search by name and location. Enter the name or partial name of the course and a location (City, City and State, or Zip Code) and click search. Select the course and click the Select Course button. If you selected the Manual Entry option, type in the name of the course.
9) If you have selected the Lookup option and found the course, select the tee played and the rating and slop information will appear. If the tee you played is not available in the drop-down, select other and manually enter the tee name and rating and slope information. If you have selected the Manual Entry option, enter the rating and slope information for the tee played.
10) Enter the Adjusted Gross (ESC) Score.
11) Select the round type (Home, Away, or Tournament.
12) Click the Post Score button.
13) Once the score is posted, you will be taken to your trend handicap record.